Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scrappy Longies for the Bitty

So this summer has been a long haze to me.  I'm now 28 weeks pregnant, my husband had pinky surgery to repair a torn ligement, and was home for 8 weeks, and now, finally everyone is back in school, hubs is back to work, and it's almost back to normal around here.

Now, I feel like I can devote a little more time to the blog and Etsy, while still being able to relax a little.

Here's an easy start to getting back in the blog...longies for the baby!

I've made about 5 pairs so far, and a couple of hats, but I'll just post the most recent longies for now.

First up, a pair of scrappy crocheted longies.  I single crocheted these, so they are nice and thick, but I used several different kinds of wool, so they are a little thinner in some places, where the yarn was a little thinner.  Mostly, worsted yarn, and an I hook.

Yes, we are having a boy!

Next, these knitted longies on Licorice Twist.  I do not remember the name of the colorway (I got it in a trade from Hyenacart forums) but they have a lovely blend of cream, green, blue and purple.  I am not a huge fan of the way they pooled, but I can't say they aren't original!

I have two more pairs coming from swaps, and hopefully, that will round out my wool stash for the first several months, anyway.  I am so excited to see these in action!  =)

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