Monday, September 3, 2012

Pumpkin hats!

This was my first attempt at a pumpkin hat, using my own "pattern".  I use that term loosely, as I didn't even really take notes.  I don't like following patterns, and only do so when I'm stumped.  So, anyhoo, the first attempt was starting with the hat, then adding the stem later, and using a double crocheted vine.  I like the look, but the stem is a little anemic, and the vine is too thick, and not curly enough.

So, attempt number two.

I like the more substantial stem.  I single crocheted that in the round, then incorporated it into the beginning of the hat, so there's no sewing it on at the end.  But, it looks kind of  like one of those boob hats that I see here and there.  Oh, well, the vine is nice and curly, and skinnier, which looks more authentic.  At least, as authentic as a crocheted pumpkin vine on a baby hat can look.

The second version will be coming soon to soon as I can get the listing up and going!  See you there!  This time, I'll put the vine on the front, where it belongs, I promise.

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