Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Soap sacks!

Monkey Farts by s_gilly_5
Monkey Farts, a photo by s_gilly_5 on Flickr.

I've seen these everywhere, but haven't made any yet. Omigosh! They are so fun and easy! I see many of these in my future. The pattern is so simple.

CH 13 using an "H" hook and worsted weight 100% cotton yarn. HDC into the second chain from hook and all the way across.

HDC 2 more into the last chain. Then HDC around the other side of the beginning chain to the other side.

HDC into the last CH, then join with a SL ST to the first HDC. Place a marker here. Continue crocheting in the round until you've reached your desired length, about 2.5 inches, moving the marker up as you go.

When you reach your desired length, crochet to the marker, SL ST into the next ST, CH 3 (first DC) and do a round of DC. Join with SL ST to the rop of the first DC, and then CH 10, and join to the first DC, making a loop. Finish off and weave in ends.

Finally, crochet a double stranded chain, as long as you want, weave it through the DC row, and you have your drawstring! Tie knots in both ends and you have a beautiful soap sack that will also fit over your hand as a bath mitt. You can use the loop to put your thumb in to help keep the mitt on, or to hang your mitt dry.

Find this mitt, and it's matching soap at Crunchy Congo!

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