Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scrunchies? Sure!

So, I must admit, I was a big scrunchie user in the 80's.  And early 90's.  And I may still have one in my drawer.  It's my daughter's.

My youngest is three, and just got her first haircut, so I thought a fun scrunchie would be a good way to help her keep her new 'do under control.

I took a simple black hair elastic, and picked a fun yarn...this one's a bit of Red Heart acrylic in Fiesta, I believe.

I used an H hook, but you could use any weight yarn, and any hook that fits.  You will just have to adjust the number of chains, and the number of loops.

Start by tying the yarn in a simple knot to the elastic, then securing it with a single crochet around the elastic.

The rest is easy!  Chain 10, then single crochet into the elastic.  Repeat this pattern evenly around the elastic, making sure you are not over lapping the SC's and not stretching the elastic as you go.

After a while, it will look like this:

Once you have gotten a good ways around the elastic, you may want to snug up the loops by gently pushing them together towards the beginning of the round.  This way you can fit more on the elastic for a fuller scrunchy.  Continue all the way around, finishing with a single crochet at the end.  You don't need to join to the first chain 10 loop if you have made your scrunchy full enough.  If yours is more spread out, you can join to the first chain and fasten off the yarn.

Now, I generally like to tie a simple knot with the two ends of the yarn, and then weave them into the chains.   Isn't it cute?  This one is being modeled by my 10 year old, though, because Miss 3 year old was hiding.

What a great way to use up scraps!  I can't wait to make a pile of these.  Imagine some sequined yarn or something shiny, or even some art yarn!  So fun, and it took me about 15 minutes, even with stopping to take pictures.  Have fun!

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