Monday, November 16, 2009

The Spotted Box!

I am appearing in The Spotted Box this week for Gillyweeds. I was stressing about this so much! I have never gotten a box, but I have always wanted one. I can't imagine the wonderful things that will be inside! I have already seen some of the offerings for this month...full sized items given as samples -- I can't wait!
I didn't really know what to offer, so I did a variety of things. I wanted to send 60 samples so I could receive a free box. I did some one ounce samples of my dyed yarn, I sent some facial scrubbers, and I sent some of my Calling Cards. I hope they are recieved well. I felt really pressured to get these samples done, so I could get my free box, that I overwhelmed myself a little!

But I can't wait to see what I get. Should be here soon, and I'll be sure to post what comes. I will totally do another one, but this time I'll pace myself. If I start now, I can have my stuff for December done by the end of this month!

The Spotted Box is on sale now on Hyenacart!

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