Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Spotted Box is here!

Wow! It was tiny, but full of fun:

a bitty knitted hat
fold over elastic
an ounce of yarn
a crocheted strawberry shaped sachet bag
a full sized card and gift tag
a sample of mineral foundation
two flannel wipes (which I use, anyway)
grass seed
a flannel makeup remover pad
a diaper doubler
a crocheted facial scrubbie
2 red nosed reindeer magnets
a bookmark
two wax tarts
a beaded stitch marker
a crocheted flower magnet
toffee!! (I think this one was my favorite!)
2 bead magnets
1 hair clippee
and a calling card (this was what I sent in)

All in all, a good haul. I will definitely do this again!

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