Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Saturday....

So I posted this on another forum, but I feel the need to fill the general populace in on my average Saturday. Why? Just for giggles, I guess.

Get up, dressed.

Wake appropriate children, get them into soccer gear.

Rush 1st child to activity.

Stop at Target

Stop at bank
Fight with bank about overdraft that is not because of me (stupid deposit fee)

Rush to 2nd child's activity, now I'm late
Stand in rain for an hour during 2nd child's activity, while dh has taken 3rd child to her activity. After 2nd child is done, rush home, frantically clean for an hour, while dh picks up 3rd child.

Leave with all remaining children to pick up 1st child from her activity. Dh calls, forgot to bring batting helmets for 3rd child's second activity of the day.

Go back home, curse. Grab children, and batting helmets, rush to pick 1st child up. 1st child not where she should be, spend 10 minutes running around finding her with leftover children in van =O

Get on the road to get to 3rd child's activity, (now very late, they still need helmets) and 2nd and 3rd child need to pee. Thank you, nearby Burger King!

Finally get to game, deliver helmets, stand in rain for an hour for 3rd child's activity.

Rush home, deliver 3rd child to babysit, go to walmart to buy birthday gift.

Dh gets home, 3rd child arrives home, goes next door to babysit again, with 2nd child.
1st child gets picked up for birthday party.

Dh and I take remaining 3 children to grocery store and shop for an hour and a half, with no dinner yet. Come home, eat cereal for dinner, collapse in bed.

Now, let me clarify. I love my children. I love my husband. I love that they play sports, and babysit. I am not opposed to birthday parties. I even don't care about the cereal for dinner. But I didn't get to crochet once the entire day.

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