Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pattern fun and Pink-eye

So I finally got my pattern all written out, only to realize I didn't actually make any projects from it yet! Well, ok. I did, but I wrote a single crochet pattern, then translated it into half double crochet to save time (essentially, it's the same directions, just a different gauge), but I have no hdc FO's to put pics of in the pdf file! So, I have to retranslate it back to sc, or just have my testers do the hdc version, then use their pics for my gallery... decision, decisions. I think I will work out both versions with notes at the end or something, and just stick with the pattern the way it's written out for now. I can put my sc pics in as an example of a sc FO, at least.

Now, for the pink-eye. It sucks. I don't know how my kids have ever been able to stand it. I have had itchy red, puffy, watery (*snotty, as my son would say!*) eyes for going on the third day. So I finally called the doctor, after using random antibiotic drops I found in the closet from who knows when, and couldn't get in. My family doctor is a teacher at the local Med School, and is never in, which means his partner is always booked up. So I got to spend about 30 minutes looking up providers online, then another 15 minutes on hold, trying to get in somewhere. But I finally have a booking and will be leaving shortly. I hope I don't scare anyone with my Twilight Red eyes on the way there.

At least I can knit in the waiting room, because I sure as H can't do it when I'm home anymore. Kids can be so needy sometimes, sheesh.

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