Thursday, September 13, 2012

Owl Chart

I've been playing around a little with charting some of my cross stitch ideas.  I don't actually cross stitch per se, but it's fun to add to some single crochet, like on the back of a pair of longies, or on a bib.  It's kind of fun looking at a picture and trying to duplicate it in either cross stitch or in stranded crochet, so I thought I'd try some fun charts for my bibs.

Here's my first creation, a cute owl!  I love all the owls that are out there now, and they are still very in!  This chart will be coming soon to Etsy in the form of a pdf that can be purchased and then will be emailed.  It is good on any item that can be crocheted, knitted or cross stitched!

I have several more that just need to be put on paper, so to speak, but in the meantime, I will be using this bib for new baby!

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