Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday...Vacation Bible Fun!

Every summer my kids and I do vacation bible fun at our school. It's a full week of singing, crafts, etc. It's fun, but it's over again. Yep, thankful! It's also a week of dragging the kids out of bed in the summer, wading through crowded hallways full of kids, streamers, balloons and toddlers. It's fun, but a long week. We always look forward to it, and then we're glad when it's done so we can relax again!

Every year we paint shirts, and I was in the t-shirt area. This involves taping a t-shirt (or in our case, about 200) to a wax paper piece of cardboard, then pinning a stencil to it, then having the kids paint them, unpin the stencil, clean it off, and hang the shirt. Then do the other 199. Then when they are dry, iron them, tape names to them and pass them back out. It's a long week, but seeing all the shirts and the kids wearing them, makes it worth the work!

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