Monday, June 6, 2011

Back at it again...

Ok, that didn't last long. My part time job, that is. I just wasn't cut out for standing for long periods of time while doing lots of chopping. Fruit and veggies, that is. And my family needs me! I just couldn't stand the idea of coming home every day to the kids having left the house a mess (not through any fault of their own, really, they didn't have me telling them to clean up after themselves every five minutes!), and then not be able to walk to clean it up. My hands were numb for three days straight, and my feet were swollen and tingly. Not a fun mom to be around, that's for sure. I began to have flash backs to the last time I tried working for any length of time outside the home, and decided that crabby over-tired mom is not any kind of mom for them all summer long.

So, here I am again, full of ideas, and the whole summer ahead of me to make them a reality. I just hope I can afford the yarn!

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