Monday, May 23, 2011

Taking a I'm bored!

So, life can be complicated. School is almost over, I'm starting a part time as well as a full time job this summer to help pay off some bills, and so I decided to take a break from Hyenacart. I decided I would put my HC store in vacation mode, take a break for a couple months from stocking on Crunchy congo, and only leave my patterns up on Etsy.

It's been about three days.

I'm so bored! CC is stocking this Friday and I miss it already.

But, technically, school isn't out until Thursday so I might be thinking differently in about a week.

People who don't craft just don't understand. My husband can just sit and watch a movie. I can't. I have to be knitting or crocheting. I could crochet a whole soaker during a two hour movie! Why would I just sit there?

So, now, here I am, business less for the time being. I can't wait until August!

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Sada said...

:) there's nothing to stop you from keeping on crafting without the pressures of running a business! And then when you come back you'll have some stuff ready to go! :)