Friday, February 4, 2011

The Khloe Tunic!

I have wanted to make Khloe a spring dress for a while, now, so I just plunged in and started. I decided to write the pattern as I went, because I knew it would be very cute on smaller sizes, as well, and she is a 3T, so I began with that and worked my way backward. I hope to have the pattern open for testers next week.

It has a fitted bodice, that is meant to fit close to the body. Then a little texture in the waist, followed by a flared out skirt, and a ruffled hem.

The string straps allow it to be adjustable, and are also very easy to make! The buttons in the back allow for easier dressing, going over the head.

I also like that she can wear it now, with a long sleeved shirt underneath, but in the spring, she can wear it alone, or over shorts.

This particular one, alas, was too short. I ran out of colorway (Creatively Ewe's Chocolate Covered Strawberries), so I ended it at "tunic" length, and listed it for sale on Crunchy Congo. But now I know how much yarn I need, and I have already begun Khloe's Tunic number 2!

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meghann said...

That is fantastic. I'd be glad to help you test the pattern if you need anyone... :)