Friday, June 5, 2009

Why I hate to grow stuff.

Go outside. Get hose. Haul it over to the other side of the house, over the steps, under the van. Go back. Turn on water. Go back to other side of house. 3 year old is spraying side of neighbor's house with said hose. No shoes, soaked.

Go back, turn off water. Go inside with 3 year old, help him change clothes, find shoes. Send child outside, find a bucket to fill with water for him to play in. Literally 15 seconds later, find child outside digging out smaller plant with hose as shovel. Yell at child.

Take child inside, clean him up, go back, re-plant plant, and water. Haul hose back under van, over steps, wind it all up. Remember I forgot to water the plant in back yard. Go get some iced tea. I think it's gonna rain.

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