Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Slow Down Summer...

I feel like I haven't really had time to relax yet, this summer. Summer is supposed to be when I don't have to drag my kids out of bed and take them all to school while I am stuck at home with the littles, only to drag them to school and pick the big kids up again. Summer means no nap time and staying up late and leisurely breakfasts, and playing outside. It means lazy days and no running around like a maniac.

What I've gotten is funky, rainy weather, day after day of softball games, dragging the kids to the movies, the park, the store, all in the name of preventing boredom. We have vacation bible fun next week, and daycamp the week after that, company visiting, company picnic, fourth of July, and then suddenly summer's half over.

Slow down, summer! I wanna sit in the shade and knit while I sip iced tea! I wanna finish up my scrapbooks! I wanna crochet about fifteen things while my kids play out in the front yard!

It's times like this (summer vacation) that I remember what it was like only having 1 child, and how much fun it was. Even when I didn't know how easy I had it! I love my children, but it's so much MORE of everything, and so much less free time having a large family.

There is ALWAYS a load of laundry *or 5* to fold and put away. The sink is ALWAYS overflowing with dishes. The shoes are forever in a pile by the door.

But there is always laughter and something to do. There is always a shoulder to lean on, and a hug. There is always someone to play Leister, and Froggy Ball and Roll-0 with. And watching them make up games like Leister, Froggy Ball and Roll-o is almost as much fun as knitting in the shade. But I have a load of laundry to put away first.

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