Monday, December 3, 2007


I have serious project problems right now.

Socks. Feet measured, cast on.
Bags. Two started.
Hats, mittens, scarves, some started, all needed right now, but boring.
A baby blanket. Frogged about three times, now. Need done in two weeks.
Longies, 75% done.
Sweater for me started, but is a summer sweater, so it can wait, right?

I need to just pick one already and finish! I have so many projects already started, and I still can't just follow through with them. I get overwhelmed, so I start something else. It's a serious case of cast-on-itis. Or unfinishededness. Or maybe even I-can't-decide-what-to-make-so-I'll-just-start-everything-and-hope-I-finish-something-somedayism. Either way, I need a bigger closet.

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tazeroo said...

Sorry, honey. Think you may have gotten that from me. Love you. Mom