Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday...two good(ish) hands

I am very thankful this Thursday for two good (mostly) hands.  I underwent Carpal Tunnel surgery in December and am almost back to 100% range of motion, with very little residual pain.

I plan to go into surgery again in the summer for the other hand, but until then, I am enjoying waking up in the morning with only one hand totally numb and burning instead of two!

Either way, CTS can't stop me from crocheting!

I have worked out a new scarf pattern, and will hopefully be able to take pictures soon, and post the free pattern on the blog.  It's mainly a series of chains, and uses superbulky yarn, so it's a crazy fast, fun, satisfying project.

See you soon!

In the mean time, enjoy a few of my favorite free scarf patterns from Ravelry :

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