Thursday, May 17, 2012

Auctions for Lucas

I haven't blogged in a while, and part of the reason, is I haven't been creating as much. I have taken a bit of a break, due to a new pregnancy. I'm stinking exhausted!

But the other reason, is much more important, and it's Lucas.

He's a spunky, energetic four year old, who has liver cancer. They found out a couple months ago, and since then, his family has been on a roller coaster ride of hospital visits, chemo, ER visits, surgery, the whole thing. They are a truly Godly family, and use their strong Catholic faith to help them through, but the realities of having a very sick child are making their appearance. Money is tight. ER visits, medication, hospital stays, transportation expenses are all taking their toll.

Here's where you come in...stop by Gillyweeds on Hyenacart today, and check out the auctions we have running over the next five days. There are many ways to show your financial support. You can donate a pre-selected amount of money, and recieve a crocheted facial scrubber for your donation. You can purchase any of the Buy-it-now style items, or you can bid on the auction items.


There is a lot to choose from, and any amount of money will help this family get through a very trying time. Please show them your support!


You can visit his Caringbridge page here.

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