Monday, September 26, 2011

Howdy! Making a switcheroo...maybe?

Ok, I've used blogger for several years now, and I decided to try Wordpress for a bit and see how I like it.'s not what I thought. But it's working. I wanted a "one stop shop" kind of place, and I had heard that Wordpress had all kinds of goodies that would help me with that. But you know what? I am a techo idiot. So...

I am still trying to decide which one I like better.

Here's the Wordpress blog:

I like the look and the layout and the capabilities, but I've already run into several problems. Like I can't upload photos from Flickr, which is the only photohosting service I use right now. Problem.

Also, the dashboard is really confusing and FULL of...just everything. I just want to write, slap in a picture and post. But it just seems overwhelming over there. So, I'll try both sites for a bit and see what happens. All my blogger posts have been imported to that blog, so you can still see them all, but I may tweak this one a bit and just keep plugging away here.

Take a look at both blogs and tell what you think...

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