Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday...Two Good Hands

I am very thankful this Thursday for two good hands. I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both wrists. It makes my fingers numb, my hands burn, and I have lost muscle and nerve function in both hands. I wake up many mornings and can't make a fist and my hands burn for an hour. I can't open jars any more and I can't rip open a bag of chips. But I can type. I can crochet and knit. I can do the dishes and laundry and dress and feed myself. I can hold my children and rub their backs at bedtime and hold their hands when we cross the street.

I will probably get surgery eventually to aleviate my symptoms, but in the mean time, and I am so very grateful for these two hands God gave me. Even when I am using them to clean up vomit or change a poopy diaper. They allow me in part, to be who I am today. I've had to change the way I live to accomodate my infirmity, but that has only made me a more understanding and empathetic person. And, stronger in not only my faith in God, but in faith in my own abilities.

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