Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just General Ramblings

With a sick child, a busy family, multiple swaps and trades and giveaways going on, I feel very frustrated. I want to be able to use my business as a way to help support our family, but I just don't seem to get many sales. Most of what I've read says that social networking, blogging, and newsletters, etc. are so very important to being a successful wahm. Keeping up with trends, being organized, and great customer service are super important. Great pictures, good descriptions, using the right search engine words, and prompt shipping...all very important.

But when am I actually supposed to make things? I check email, blogs, post to Facebook, and check on my forums before I take the kids to school. I spend the morning cleaning, potty-taking, dish-doing, lunchmaking, table-wiping, face/handwashing, and nap-trying. Then, I have another hour, maybe, of computer time, while trying to keep the five year old from waking up the two year old. I might even make another card or two before they wake up.

After nap, it's time to potty again, and load them all up to pick up the big kids. After an hour of driving, waiting (where I might try to cram some more crochet time in...) driving, waiting, and then just a smidge more driving, I may stop by the post office to mail a package, or the store to pick up more adhesive or yarn. I come home and check in on the computer again for a bit. Then, it's time for another round of cleaning, laundry, kid-feeding and potty-taking. After the hubby gets home, we do dinner, more clean up, and then maybe an hour of crocheting before bed.

Basically, I'm spending more time on the computer reading about sales, SEO maximization and how to be a good online seller, than actually making anything to sell. That doesn't even count the time it takes to take pictures of the items I do have made, and list them! So, I've made a decision. I'm going to quit reading about selling, and start making things to sell. No more spending hours reading blogs and trying to make my store into a fabulous showplace, only to have nothing in it!

I am working on a new logo, and I may re-open my Hyenacart store. I am in a position where I want to make and sell so many things, but I'm working on a focus. Nothing turns me off more than when I see a seller who just throws a little of everything at you, desperate to sell. I've been doing a little of that lately, and honestly, I'm embarrassed. I will definitely be making different things for Etsy than Hyenacart, but the main thing is that I will be creating! Not scouring blogs and the web for tips on sales.

My own blog will take precedence over others, but I do still have a list of other great Etsy and HC sellers' blogs below. I'll still be reading them, but with a crochet hook in my hand, and not taking notes!

The biggest thing I've learned over the last few weeks of reflection (and lots of laundry with my sick kid...) is that I am my own person, and what works for one seller is not what will work for me. So to be true to myself is the main focus, over anything else.

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