Sunday, November 7, 2010

SEWsational Sarah...

Sarah is a wonderful wahm. I recently did a trade with Sarah on Hyenacart. In exchange for a set of Wahm sample Calling Cards, she sent me a wonderful set of her kitchen cloth napkins. They are adorable!

(This is a photo from her site of another set she's done -- mine are in the wash!)

The package was wrapped beautifully, she included several samples of other wahms (which I always love!) and her sewing is perfect. I told her to pick a print, and I love her choice. They are cotton woven on one side, and flannel on the other. Each one is approximately the same size as a standard paper towel. They wash beautifully, they are super absorbent, and I know I will be buying more of these.

SEWsational Sarah can be found at Sweet Retreat on Hyenacart, at SEWsational Sarah on Hyenacart, and at SEWsational Sarah on Etsy.

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