Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Introducing, Wahm advertising...

I am working on a program for Wahms out there to take advantage of web advertising without having to spend so much of their hard earned money. Wahms work hard, but advertising can be expensive.

It's call Bartered Buttons. I will barter with you for the cost of a month of advertising on my blog, in button ad form. The button ad you provide will be bartered for your products, an exchange of advertising on your blog for my store, or Paypal in some cases.

This will be a benefit for you, getting your product in the hands of someone very active on many parenting boards, Facebook, Etsy and Hyenacart. In exchange for your product, I will write a review on my blog, linking it to Facebook, and will provide one month of advertising (in button form) on my blog per every $10 worth of retail for the product I am reviewing.

No cash out of your pocket, word of mouth advertising, and a review posted to Facebook where thousands of potential customers could see it.

Contact me at, for more information. I am planning to launch this program the first of November, just in time for Christmas shopping season. Don't miss out on your chance to get your store front out there!

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