Monday, July 5, 2010

Springtime in Hollis Sweater

This is my attempt at the Springtime in Hollis Sweater by Teresa of Comfort Wool. I am not a Knitter, I'm just a knitter, so I made some basic mistakes on this one. I used acrylic, which for me, is not a good idea when knitting. It's much harder to see the individual yarn strands with acrylic, and it's sticks to itself and isn't very forgiving. Wool next time, for sure.
Springtime in Hollis sweater
Also, I am a novice stitch picker upper, and boy it shows on this one! One button band is a good inch shorter than the other one. Gah! And it's not like you can block acrylic. It doesn't stretch out right. It's stiff in all the wrong places. Have I mentioned I won't use acrylic on this again?
fsot 011
Anyway, I did short sleeves because I was afraid I would run out of yarn, and so I plan on doing a longer sleeved version, but here's this first attempt, and Khloe loves it, which is the main thing.


Jen Archer said...

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Anonymous said...

The sweater is beautiful! Everything I see of it is just toooooo cute, including the model. :)