Sunday, December 13, 2009

Too much to do, too little time.

I really was excited about this Christmas. I was going to make all my cards by hand. I was going to crochet gifts for my family instead of buying them. I was going to make and stock all kinds of adorable somethings for my business.

Um, not so much. What I didn't take into account was the fact that I am a busy mom of six children, I am a provider to two daycare children, and am married to a just-as-busy husband!

So, the gifts will not be crocheted. The cards will be store bought (though I am definitely writing in each one personally -- that's the plan, anyway!), and the fabulous items stocked will just have to be spread out over the coming year.

As my youngest grows (she's 15 months now)older, I remember anew that toddlers don't like it when they want to play and mommy wants to craft! So, I'll be stocking a few things here and there, but until Christmas is over, I'll be a little scarce, just enjoying my family, and the season.

Merry Christmas, and I hope to have some fun things newly stocked in January! See you then!


Karen@Zoe's Bag Boutique said...

Ah the best laid plans! I think we have to start planning for Christmas in January to get everything done! LOL

Jessica said...

I am in the same place right now, though I only have 2 and not 6! My 16 month old does not like mommmy to sew, knit or anything of the like!

Charlene said...

I know exactly how you feel! I had grand plans of a "Made by Mama" Christmas, and it certainly doesn't look like that will happen. The way I see it is they are only little once ~ and I don't want to miss anything (OK, maybe I wouldn't mind missing the sleepless nights, lol)
Happy Holidays!