Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OK, so I haven't really tried much.

I haven't exercised every day, I have still been drinking my regular soda, and I have no motivation. I just can't get into exercise this time of year. You'd think the sun and nice days would have me wanting to be outside. But when I have to take my 10 month old, it's just work. I would love to take a 30 minute walk every day, but I don't want to have to match my pace to my stroller, yk? Or have to carry her the last 10 minutes because she doesn't like the stroller. Or have to take that walk at awkward times of day *like rush hour* because there's no other time that someone can watch her.

And the thought of going to a stuffy, hot, humid gym to workout right now makes me just want to go curl up on the couch and read all day.

This is a problem. I think I need to go read about it.

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