Saturday, July 25, 2009

Free zoo = insanity!


Our zoo offered a free admission today, so being the thrifty folks we are, we decided to take advantage of the savings and spend the day there.

We lasted until lunchtime. The line to the entrance started on the interstate. We found a decent parking spot, and got in right away, but it was nuts!! By the time we got to the aquarium, we could hardly push the stroller, and I was feeling like fainting. It was hot, humid, sweaty, and I just didn't even care about seeing anything. And the aquarium's my favorite!

We finally just gave up, ate the lunch we brought along, and went home. We'll go back when it's not so packed. My daughter, Claudia, though, was heartbroken that we didn't see the Desert Dome, but I promised her that some time (hopefully soon!) I would take her by herself and we would go there first.

And I would watch HSM 3 with her. =)

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