Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To sale or not to sale?

So our subdivision is having a garage sale weekend this coming Thursday through Saturday. My dh is very wary of having a garage sale, but when the kids mentioned it, he said sure. But now it's in two days, and I have nothing done. NOTHING.

Nothing sorted, nothing tagged, only a couple tables, and rain in the forecast, for you guessed it, Thursday and Friday.

The kids are so cute, though! They want to make and sell Kool-aid and cookies and they have been making signs, etc. I really want to do it this weekend, because these garage sales are advertised in the paper, and the subdivision puts out these huge signs. But I just don't think I can pull a decent garage sale out of my butt by then.

The biggest problem is that every time I pull something out to put aside to sell, someone grabs it and takes it back and says we can't sell it. Either that, or they put stuff in for sale that they just got at Christmas and is practically brand new. Plus, the stuff I really want to get rid of is stuff that my dh would probably not be happy to part with. Like old board games and stuff like that. I really wish I could just go through the house when everyone was gone and just clear it out. They most likely wouldn't even notice what was missing, and my house would be clean!! But my mom did that to me, once and I resented it for a looooong time.

Poop. Back to sorting.

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