Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, I decided to close my Hyenacart store. I just was feeling so much pressure to keep up with a deadline, and I was feeling very much a failure for not keeping on top of things. I do have an Etsy store that I haven't stocked in ages, so I think that I will just list things as I finish them, and not worry about the pressure.

Plus, I have some ideas for a toy I'd like to try, and less pressure is better for my creativity!

I'm really sad, though. I have wanted an outlet to sell my crafty things for ages, and now I feel like I didn't fulfill my potential, so to speak. There's that mommy guilt again, rearing its ugly head. I just wanted it to be more successful, and it wasn't, so I panicked. So I feel like I wasted some time and money which could have been spent better. I have always been bad at following my own advice, which would have been, just don't try so hard to do everything.

I quit my part time job and last night was my last night. I'm so glad to have my evenings and bedtime back! My favorite time of day is when the kids are in bed, and I'm knitting or crocheting in bed, watching tv with my hubby. It's boring, I know, but it really relaxes me, and I feel very productive then, for some reason. I look forward to this summer, and long afternoons at the ball park with my crocheting and some cold sweet tea! And no deadlines.

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