Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not much.

Not a whole lot of new stuff since what, Thursday? Sad. I did start a new pattern I'm thinking of writing up. I am a little intimidated about that, though. I know how to read one, but write one? Not so much. I'm also not sure I'll have time to work on it very much, and with softball season coming up, and almost half my family umpiring all summer, time will be limited.

Also, I really want to dye some more yarn. I had a notebook of colorways written out, but it's off in never land somewhere, so I would like to try out some new ideas, and write those down, and then not lose my notebook this time. But, I need to place an order for yarn. And before that, I need to sell something to get the money for the yarn. Before that, I need to make something to sell. And to do that, I need supplies, and an idea. Hrmph.

I hate that in between place of having fifty things I want to try and not enough time or money. I have to keep thinking to myself that my time will come, and someday, I won't have kids underfoot all the time, and I will be able to do those things. But I really don't see it right now. I just see lots of socks all over the couch that need matched up and put away.

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